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January 21, 2016 - 9:36 pm

Amy Puckett - Hi there,

I would like to inquire about a family photo session. We have two grandparents, four young(ish) adults and two little girls (aged 7 and 3). It is my parents 30th wedding anniversary on the 22nd Feb and we were thinking of arranging the session as a gift to them. Ideally we would like to give them a gift of some framed photos on their special night, but I understand they may not be possible. Another option may be to organise the session for a later date (March) and give them a gift voucher and details of the arranged session on the night.

We have not yet worked out a location. My parents live at Samford, possibly somewhere is that area could be nice. Somewhere picturesque, in nature, vintage buildings or at my parent home/property. Alternatively, I like the look of the family sessions in old parks with the large trees.

We are only available on weekends. Do you have any openings over the next few weeks, or even into March.

Amy Puckett