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THE BALLERINA ~ Brisbane Fine Art Photographer

I recently found some much needed personal photography time. Breaking away for a quick shoot isn’t the easiest thing nowadays with 5 kids under 10; however, I tend to do a lot of “thinking” about the details of my next personal shoot in between changing nappies and bribing them to eat up all their dinner.

Photography is all about your eye and training yourself to see the shot. This never stops, and is one of the main reasons why I love taking photos.  You can look at something everyday and not “see” its photographic beauty, and then out of the blue it speaks to you in a different way.

I have been trying to snap out of my industrial, grunge phase (since the 90’s) however my “secret warehouse” was just too good to pass up. We had half an hour to run around, have some fun, take some shots and teach my eldest daughter about light, backgrounds and posing. She was awesome!….(must take after her mum)…. and while the end result isn’t probably what she was expecting, she liked the shot and learnt that a good photo doesn’t always have to be in the park surrounded by flowers with a smile on your face.


MY BOYS – Brisbane Family Photographer

This photo is of my husband Michael and my son Elijah.

I love this image….it sits on top of Elijah’s bookshelf so we all get to see it everyday.

Now I don’t think other people could come close to liking this image as much as I do. It holds a special place in my heart because the people framed within are so precious to me. I takes me back to when Eli was so small you could scoop him up into your arms and enfold him with ease….. and it reminds me of the mighty adventure it was raising our first child together, bringing us forever closer.

I think this image also reminds me that even when I am not perfectly satisfied with my work or feeling overwhelmed with the creative genious of others in my field… that sometimes an image doesn’t have to be an award-winner…it just needs to capture something precious for the one who will be looking at it everyday.